Mrs. Morrison in my studio

Mrs. Morrison reached out to me through Facebook to have a photo shoot session with me.

She was probably one of the clients who were very excited and ready for the session.

After a consultation with me, she got all the dresses and accessories ready.

Here is how she felt about the session:

It was a pleasure helping her get the experience and the photos that she wanted to hand it down to her children and grand children.

Everybody deserves to feel and look beautiful 😊

Sandra in my studio [Behind the Scene Video]

When clients come into my studio they have mixed emotions of both excitement and anxiousness.

It was the same for Sandra. She brought in all the clothes that she wants to wear in the photo shoot and was pretty excited to experience the shoot.

At the same time, when she stood in front of the camera… I could see her being a little nervous.

She got over it quickly as I made sure I was guiding her step by step. From pinkie to toes, I directed her exactly how to pose. All she had to do was to stay confident and enjoy the shoot.

Her expression got more confident as time went by and toward the end of the shoot she was having fun.

A mother of one with a great personality, it was pleasure to photograph her. She was confident, optimistic, and very fun to spend time with. 😊

Here is the Behind the Scene Video:

What is a Modernized Portrait?

A Modernized Portrait is a magazine-style portrait for everyday men and women. When we think about personal portraits, family portraits, or engagement portraits, they are often photographed in a standardized candid manner. But a Modernized Portrait goes a step further to stylize and customize the experience and shoot specifically for each client. I don’t believe that only models deserve to get the best photographs. I believe that everyday men and women who work hard to support their family, friends, and their companies deserve the high-quality experience and photographs, too.

Here are photographs I took for Lacey. She’s a very bright and kind high school student who came to my studio for a shoot. I provided her a consultation before the shoot so that I can recommend her the outfits that suit with the style that she was going for. After that, she came into my studio for the shoot! I provided a diagram of our photoshoot plan - how we are going to shoot for each outfit she brought. She enjoyed every bit of the experience and felt happy about herself and the photographs. She was surprised at how smoothly the process went. I guided her on how to pose and made the entire experience comfortable and fun! We both loved the result.

The pictures I provide you are timeless and simply beautiful. You can share these beautiful images with your friends and loved ones for a lifetime.

What are you waiting for? Let’s a book a shoot for you. You won’t regret it!

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It could be daunting to pick what to wear for the photo shoot. Sometimes, you would think that you don’t have enough good clothes to wear for the shoot. And that’s okay! Don’t fret, because I can consult with you before the shoot and help you find a way to get the best dresses.

I aim to have my awesome clients to bring at least 4 outfits that they really love to shoot with. I consider the color, design, and the style of the pictures that the client is going for. If the clients don’t have the right dresses to suit their needs, I recommend these sites:

  1. Rent The Runway

  2. Style Lend

  3. Poshare

These are the sites where you can safely rent high end dresses. They usually have dresses that matches with my photographic styles, too.

Another way to get dresses is to shop at a store with a good return policy. This could be a little bit risky, but as long as you don’t stain the dress or remove the tag during the shoot, you should be able to safely return the dresses.

I hope that I made it clear that not having dresses for the shoot should not be a problem from getting you good photos that will store your beauty and that can be handed down to your future generation. :) You are beautiful, and so will your photographs!


Why I am passionate about photography

I honestly believe in this: There are only two things that truly last in our lives - the people whom we love and the photographs that we captured to cherish our memories. My family traveled often in my childhood. From age 6 to 14, we lived in South Korea, Switzerland, the Philippines, Germany, and lastly, in the United States.  It's not that we were wealthy, we had to move to different countries since my parents were missionaries and were asked to complete different tasks at different times. Whenever they had to move, they discarded everything except few clothes and at 10 to 12 picture albums. Other things that we owned could not come with us. 

Of all the pictures that I saw in those albums, the pictures that stuck out were the pictures that were professionally taken by a photographer. It was a picture of me and my mom when we were briefly visiting my mom's friends in Japan when I was at around 2. The well lit and composed pictures that captured the moment when mom was so happy to see her first child grow was priceless. I'll post a few pictures when I get the chance to visit my parents' house again next month. 

I have witnessed and felt the importance of the pictures, and I want my clients to experience the joy I felt when looking at their photos of themselves and of their loved ones. I believe that the real celebrities are the everyday people like you, who are living, experiencing, and feeling life. And I want to capture them for you. 

Here are some of the pictures of my wife, Sun Shim. We had few hours left after she had finished her dance performance in NYC. 

When was the last time you were photographed professionally?

Mahder in My Studio

Mahder came to my studio!

She is my brother's coworker, and was actually aware of my work through him for few months. She took the courage to reach me out for a photo session. Such a nice young lady! From consultation to the end of my viewing session, she enjoyed the experience and the result. 

One thing that I really liked about her was her confidence. I took photographs of others for 7 years now, and I found that confident people brings the best photographs. Although, she did not know how to pose, because of her confidence I could guide her very easily. 

Here is the behind the scenes video. Check what she has to say about my service!

And here are few of the 25 photographs she purchased: 


Mahder Yuseki Ota 2
Mahder Yuseki Ota 1
Mahder Yuseki Ota 34
Mahder Yuseki Ota
Mahder Yuseki Ota
Mahder Yuseki Ota

Contact me for consultation and let's book a shoot!

My number is 301-288-1348

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Yuseki Ota

May in my studio

May was my first client in my new studio! She came in with her sister with few selected dresses and outfits that she had. She was a bit nervous, since it was her first time getting a portrait done professionally. But, at the end of the photoshoot, she told me that she had fun and the results were great!

Through my experience of having done dozens of photoshoot sessions with a variety of personalities, there are common pain points that people have mentioned. The most common one is "I don't know how to pose". The goal of posing is to angle the body frame in a way that allows me to capture a specific part of my client's persona.

Here is the Behind the Scenes video: 

And here is what she had to say after the shoot: 


Contact me for a consultation. Would love to show what I can offer you!

My e-mail is:

My number is: 301-288-1348

Yuseki Ota



Yuseki Ota ( is a professional portrait photographer located in Rockville, MD. He brings a new experience for all of his clients through his beauty portrait photoshoot sessions. Book an appointment today!

Cool spots in one location to photograph in Washington, D.C.

Where to photograph cool portraits in D.C.

If you look up "top places to photograph on DC" on Google, you will get some results like these: 

The problem with these locations is that you have to be very quick at taking pictures, which could limit your creativity when photographing your clients or models. These locations are usually filled with tourists and local people enjoying their weekends. At times, there are security guards who will ask you to get permits before you shoot at certain locations.

An alternative place I recommend is this location:

Yuseki Ota Map

On weekends, you can park near Blind Whino (the iconic Colorful Church in D.C.) for 2 hours free. Usually, the cops are there so it's a safe place to park.

1. After you park, you can definitely start taking pictures in front of Blind Whino, which is an iconic and colorful art club that used to be a church.

yuseki ota location 1

You can either use the art club as a background or do a close-up shot with the fences that are around it. Here's how I did it: 

yuseki ota whino
yuseki ota whino-2.jpg
yuseki ota whino-3.jpg


2. Next, there is a nice soccer/ baseball field that you can use. The field is fresh, and the filed paints and color of the grass are so vibrant. This spot will be ideal if you have to photograph a person with cool street wear that is also colorful. You can also use the benches near the field; they are clean and new.

yuseki ota map 3
yuseki ota 1.jpg

Here's what I did with the bench on the side: 

yuseki ota bench


3. Finally, if you follow the direction as shown above on the map, you will go through a tunnel and arrive at an empty parking lot that looks like this: 

yuseki ota map parking lot

I photographed multiple models here. The parking lot is usually empty during the weekends, and it is free access on weekends. I particularly love this area because of the cool light leak in between the bridges. I've made multiple timeless and spaceless pictures like these: 

Yuseki Ota parking lot
yuseki ota
yuseki ota parking lot
yuseki ota parking lot



You can also use the surrounding area of the parking lot too. Streetwear look or a leather jacket look can suit well in these spots: 

yuseki ota 6.jpg
yuseki ota 5.jpg
yuseki ota 4.jpg

Here's what I did with them: 

yuseki ota parking lot
yuseki ota parking lot


I hope this information helps you to create beautiful images!





Yuseki Ota ( is a professional portrait photographer located in Rockville, MD. He brings a new experience for all of his clients through his beauty portrait photoshoot sessions. Book an appointment today!