Mahder in My Studio

Mahder came to my studio!

She is my brother's coworker, and was actually aware of my work through him for few months. She took the courage to reach me out for a photo session. Such a nice young lady! From consultation to the end of my viewing session, she enjoyed the experience and the result. 

One thing that I really liked about her was her confidence. I took photographs of others for 7 years now, and I found that confident people brings the best photographs. Although, she did not know how to pose, because of her confidence I could guide her very easily. 

Here is the behind the scenes video. Check what she has to say about my service!

And here are few of the 25 photographs she purchased: 


Mahder Yuseki Ota 2
Mahder Yuseki Ota 1
Mahder Yuseki Ota 34
Mahder Yuseki Ota
Mahder Yuseki Ota
Mahder Yuseki Ota

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