It could be daunting to pick what to wear for the photo shoot. Sometimes, you would think that you don’t have enough good clothes to wear for the shoot. And that’s okay! Don’t fret, because I can consult with you before the shoot and help you find a way to get the best dresses.

I aim to have my awesome clients to bring at least 4 outfits that they really love to shoot with. I consider the color, design, and the style of the pictures that the client is going for. If the clients don’t have the right dresses to suit their needs, I recommend these sites:

  1. Rent The Runway

  2. Style Lend

  3. Poshare

These are the sites where you can safely rent high end dresses. They usually have dresses that matches with my photographic styles, too.

Another way to get dresses is to shop at a store with a good return policy. This could be a little bit risky, but as long as you don’t stain the dress or remove the tag during the shoot, you should be able to safely return the dresses.

I hope that I made it clear that not having dresses for the shoot should not be a problem from getting you good photos that will store your beauty and that can be handed down to your future generation. :) You are beautiful, and so will your photographs!