What is a Modernized Portrait?

A Modernized Portrait is a magazine-style portrait for everyday men and women. When we think about personal portraits, family portraits, or engagement portraits, they are often photographed in a standardized candid manner. But a Modernized Portrait goes a step further to stylize and customize the experience and shoot specifically for each client. I don’t believe that only models deserve to get the best photographs. I believe that everyday men and women who work hard to support their family, friends, and their companies deserve the high-quality experience and photographs, too.

Here are photographs I took for Lacey. She’s a very bright and kind high school student who came to my studio for a shoot. I provided her a consultation before the shoot so that I can recommend her the outfits that suit with the style that she was going for. After that, she came into my studio for the shoot! I provided a diagram of our photoshoot plan - how we are going to shoot for each outfit she brought. She enjoyed every bit of the experience and felt happy about herself and the photographs. She was surprised at how smoothly the process went. I guided her on how to pose and made the entire experience comfortable and fun! We both loved the result.

The pictures I provide you are timeless and simply beautiful. You can share these beautiful images with your friends and loved ones for a lifetime.

What are you waiting for? Let’s a book a shoot for you. You won’t regret it!

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