Cool spots in one location to photograph in Washington, D.C.

Where to photograph cool portraits in D.C.

If you look up "top places to photograph on DC" on Google, you will get some results like these: 

The problem with these locations is that you have to be very quick at taking pictures, which could limit your creativity when photographing your clients or models. These locations are usually filled with tourists and local people enjoying their weekends. At times, there are security guards who will ask you to get permits before you shoot at certain locations.

An alternative place I recommend is this location:

Yuseki Ota Map

On weekends, you can park near Blind Whino (the iconic Colorful Church in D.C.) for 2 hours free. Usually, the cops are there so it's a safe place to park.

1. After you park, you can definitely start taking pictures in front of Blind Whino, which is an iconic and colorful art club that used to be a church.

yuseki ota location 1

You can either use the art club as a background or do a close-up shot with the fences that are around it. Here's how I did it: 

yuseki ota whino
yuseki ota whino-2.jpg
yuseki ota whino-3.jpg


2. Next, there is a nice soccer/ baseball field that you can use. The field is fresh, and the filed paints and color of the grass are so vibrant. This spot will be ideal if you have to photograph a person with cool street wear that is also colorful. You can also use the benches near the field; they are clean and new.

yuseki ota map 3
yuseki ota 1.jpg

Here's what I did with the bench on the side: 

yuseki ota bench


3. Finally, if you follow the direction as shown above on the map, you will go through a tunnel and arrive at an empty parking lot that looks like this: 

yuseki ota map parking lot

I photographed multiple models here. The parking lot is usually empty during the weekends, and it is free access on weekends. I particularly love this area because of the cool light leak in between the bridges. I've made multiple timeless and spaceless pictures like these: 

Yuseki Ota parking lot
yuseki ota
yuseki ota parking lot
yuseki ota parking lot



You can also use the surrounding area of the parking lot too. Streetwear look or a leather jacket look can suit well in these spots: 

yuseki ota 6.jpg
yuseki ota 5.jpg
yuseki ota 4.jpg

Here's what I did with them: 

yuseki ota parking lot
yuseki ota parking lot


I hope this information helps you to create beautiful images!





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